Rob and Dan,
This note is long overdue...sorry, I've been out riding. Fella's I can't Thank You enough or even begin to tell you how happy I am with my Road Glide, she has more power and the ride, it's smoother then I thought a Harley could be. Just goes to show ya, if you get the right people doing the job - great things happen. Last year (2017) while in Mass. for a bike trip, my friend (Jeff) let me use one of his Road Glides. You did the tune on the bike, I rode if for 5 days; 1,500 miles (the ride wasn't just around the block) and I was totally impressed with how she ran. Before I cam home Jeff brought me in and introduced me and you and we talked about what I was looking for.

I live in California and was having some trouble with my 2011 Road Glide, plus she was getting tired and lacking the power I was looking for. So...I did was any Sane man would do, I sent my bike from San Diego, CA to your shop in Mass. You and Dan bumped her up to a 110, put on new suspension, then did one Hell of a Tune on her. I can't tell you how much fun it was to ride home from your shop to San Diego (Sept. 2018). I was having so much fun, it took me almost a month to get home. I kept checking the map, looking for all the twisty roads I could find.

Now, back home, I'm tearing up the California mountains on this beast...she is a ton of Torque, just what I was looking for. She make getting up and down the mountains one hell of a good time. Even when I have to get on the Freeways here in CA, she'll keep me out of trouble with just a twist of the throttle.

Thanks again,
John G.



Rob, just wanted to give you the feedback after taking my bike to the track.
HOLY CRAP what a difference. The smoothed out fueling let me ratchet throttle much more effectively, which let me hold more speed through corners and smoothly accelerate out of corners with less jerkiness. As the numbers show, I didn't really have any gains on the straight, but where it counts there was a massive improvement. I'll definitaly be recommending your services to friends... and also may take you up on doing another mapping with the baffling out to actually get better top end. I'll see if I can get this flashing process a bit more stable for next time...

Greg D.



Hi Rob,

Just wanted to thank you again for tuning my bike. On the ride home I was able see how much better it runs.
It was worth every penny. I couldn't be happier!!!!!  

 Thanks again,
Mike Greene

Good Morning Rob,

I just purchased the tool from you to install cams in my Chieftain and just wanted to
let you know how well it worked for me.

The quality of your tool and ease of operating it is fantastic!
Your instructions were very simple to follow and made installation a breeze.

I would HIGHLY recommend your tool to anyone!!!!

Thank you again for all your help!

Hello Rob!

Got it and it worked absolutely fantastic! Thank you!!!

P.S. Your tool is everything you advertised, so thank you. In this day and age that doesn't always happen. I'm very happy and satisfied with your product!!!

UN-F%#*ING ELIEVABLE!!!...I just got off this beast and I am telling you I am totally impressed...when I was watching you tune this thing and I seen the torque reading over 140 on the initial runs I was thinking I can't be reading it right...then as you went on and told me it was correct and impressive too...I knew it was going to be worth the work you guys did to it...when you were running the last runs I was watching not only the hp and torque but the speeds were at 136 m...ph and was thinking to myself thing is gonna be a rocket...it is! When I'm cruising along in 6th about 2700rpm' 85 mph and just roll that power on the goddamn speedometer needle drops like it is a tachometer!!! Goes to 110 in a second like the throttle is mechanically attached to the needle...I'm telling you man this thing is awesome!!! Not only all the excitement you can pick up from my words about the power but the bike itself is so smooth throughout the shifting...it handles like a dream...thanks to you and Dan for all you did!!!

David Alexandrovich Jr


July 2016

Hey Rob,just a quick shout out and thanks again for the tune.
I took the springer to street drags here in NY and got second in class.
Would not have been able to do it without your work on the SuperE. You did this In Abay if you need a refresh on which bike.

It ran great! But I screwed up the launch and spun the wheel on this final run.
Thanks again

Watch Video - Click Here

July 2016

Just got home from Rob's Dyno Service with my bike. If you are planning on adding a Power Commander or similar product, check him out first. Was never really happy with those products and how my bikes ran, even after paying good money to have them tuned. Rob put in the time, money and took factory courses to know these fuel systems inside out, which is why he is the only one to figure out how to get into them and reprogram them to make your bike run it's best, especially important if you add exhaust, air cleaners, cams, etc. My bike is definitely more responsive, sounds better, runs stronger and just feels all around better. Indians, Harley's, Victory's, Honda and others will all benefit from his services. We all pay good money to have these bikes, don't cut corners or screw things up, go to Rob's Dyno Service and get it done right.

Tim Shea


June 2016

Finally took my 2013 FLHTK to Rob after years of being unhappy with the dyno tune provided by my Harley dealer. My gut told me my engine could run better. I was not sure if Rob could help me because my dealer told me my bike ran good and nothing was wrong with my setup. Guess what? I was right and the dealer was wrong. My engine idles, starts, runs and sounds like I always knew it should. Give him a call, make an appointment and enjoy the full potential of your Harley.

Kerry Lewis

June 2016


I just wanted to say “Thank you” for giving me back my Freedom. I was at wit’s end, and in a state of depression after spending thousands of dollars on engine modifications on my 1999 FLHTPI with 198,000 miles on the engine ( all but 97 miles were mine. I ride a lot ). After getting it back from the shop I got on it and it ran like “Poop”.

I was told about you and made an appointment. I am so glad that I did. I arrived at the shop with the bike on the sled in the rear of the cage, because It was running so poorly. After watching you do your magic on the Dyno and seeing the old girl hit 133 MPH, I knew I had made a good choice bringing my bike to Rob’s Dyno Service. Once it had passed Rob’s high level of standard, He asked me to take it for a ride to make sure I was happy. I WAS MORE THAN HAPPY. I was pissed that I had to put it back on the sled to bring it home. I wanted to get on and ride. I rushed home took it off the Trailer, and put a FOR SALE sign on the trailer.

Praise the Rob Swartz the “Dyno King”. I road my bike late into the night, and to work this morning. I plan to ride at least 30,000 miles till the end of the year. It runs like it did when I bought it in 1999, but better. In the future, I will be bringing the bike to Rob for any future engine work.

Jeffrey D. Barr
Road Captain
Boston HOG
Editor - The Epicurean Review
Director - N.E. Foodies


April 2016

Rob & Dan,

A Million Thank You for making my 2015 HD 48 Sportster absolutely Amazing & a Monster!!!! Words can not describe how wonderful the experience was…. Between actually seeing how the Dyno Testing goes and seeing the before & after difference in torque, to the patience of working with me to help me find the perfect parts to make my bike custom so when I ride its so comfortable. You helped us save so much money down the road and such a headache because without you guys we wouldn’t of known where to start & probably would of bought stuff that wouldn’t of worked. My husband was speechless when he hopped on it to just move it, he could feel a Huge difference in torque right away. Before it puttered as you eased off the throttle and onto the gas but now its so smooth and you let the throttle out and she’s ready to go. For once in all the years I have ridden & had to adjust to the way the bike was & what I had to work with. It's wonderful to have a bike custom to work with me for once! She looks nasty…She sounds nasty… She handles like a beast and I’m absolutely in Love with her!!!!!! You will defiantly be seeing us again to do Ben’s KTM!!! We will most defiantly be sending people out your way!! Thank you again!!!!!!!

Jacky Anderson

April 2016


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the tune on my 2014 Indian Chieftain. After hundreds of miles of smiles, I can honestly say have you exceeded my expectations. This bike is so much smoother with no flat spots on the highway, great throttle response and the additional power is just “WOW” ! The 126 Ft/lbs of torque is more than I imagined, but, very glad to have it. I will keep telling all of my fellow Indian riders that this tune is superior to any ‘Add on’ available on the market. Rob’s Dyno service is tops in this field !

I am very glad I listened to you and did not just start throwing parts at the bike. We tired a good looking AC only to learn it did not add any additional air flow over the OEM AC. Glad to have the S&S AC. While I do have stage 2 OEM cams, I will keep in touch as you find more and more aftermarket cams that may help unleash even more for my 111”. This is just the beginning of a long lasting relationship.

Thanks again, Rob.

March 2016

Rob & Dan,

A million Thanks for the suspension and lighting work you did on my Limited!!!! When asked about who does the work on my bike while my buddy and I are touring Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona in June, you can rest assured that your names and the name of your shop will be spread around the South West.

Both of you are the best I have seen in the motorcycle business. It is such a pleasure to work with technicians of your caliber and moreover people with the passion for what you do and the people for whom you do it.

Thank you also for taking the time and effort for delivering my bike yesterday, Rob. I truly appreciate the service you provide.

I look forward to future projects with you.

Jan Lindsay

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to reach out and say hello and thank you for the help you and Dan gave me building my motor last year. One season and about 5k miles in and the bike runs awesome! Glad I listened to you and Dan and followed your thoughts and ideas on my build last year. The bike runs and pulls well exactly where you said it would, where I ride.

I have given your name to a couple of guys that will be reaching out to you to do some work.

Thanks again, merry xmas to you and Dan.

Matt Kirker

Just a courtesy follow up after I've ridden around for a hundred miles or so... phenomenal work man.
Easily the best money I've ever spent on a bike.
Thanks again.


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Dyno tune. I've put about 400 miles on the bike since the tuning and I absolutely love the throttle response in all gears and the pull in the higher gears.
I've also noticed a reduction in heat against my right leg and a reduction in vibration at cruise speed. Thanks for being a perfectionist!!!

Bob Fluegel

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know I very impressed with the dyno tune you performed on my Street Glide last week. I’m amazed how responsive and crisp the throttle response is. On top of the performance gas mileage has increased and no more annoying popping at start up. I also enjoyed the whole experience of watching you complete the tune as well.

Thanks again. You’re a true professional. I’d recommend your service center in a heartbeat.

Don San Antonio

PS: The ride home to RI was a blast!

Hey, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my bikes tune (done 5/23). I have been busy and just rode the bike Sunday. The throttle response is faster and the bike runs much, much smoother all the way through the rpm range with more power and pull. Even shifts smoother. Best of all NO Pinging. All bikes would benefit from a quality dyno tune.
I appreciate the personal attention.
Thanks again !! Ken Jesse

Hi Rob
I want to thank you again for unchaining the animal that lives in my motor. What a difference in the response, nice and smooth. Only been on two rides since I was at your place. Yesterday checked my mpg, I got 46. It was only that one fill up, it could very a little bit from one fill up to the next. I know I have to get you the bike and get it tuned up. Jeff was talking to a guy about your services (had a XC) gave him a card that you gave me. Talked to a friend that also has a hammer, he is interested in possibly doing something to his bike . Again thanks, keep up the good work

Rob 05 Hammer

The Evolution of my Vision !

I have had my Vision since 2010 and have had many modifications done to it to try and improve upon it’ performance. I had taken it to a mater tuner to have the Power Commander tuned as well as try to alleviate the very rich conditions I had- always lots of build- up on the exhaust as well as wanted to improve the overall performance. The tuner spent time with the bike and put in their base maps and tweaked it. The bike never really performance up to its potential, the exhaust smoke was still there and it just was not smooth.

I reached out to Rob to see what magic he could and boy was I ever impressed ! His new availability to adjust performance directly at the ECM level removes the need for a fuel controller, all the tuning is done right to the control module, no need to manipulate ! The difference in performance is amazing, the exhaust issues are gone, the bike now is pulling off the line instantly, no lag between throttle And response and pull strong all the way to shift. I ride fast, but not hard. I never shift above 4K RPM, so I want all my power in the range that I ride and Rob was able to do that.

I recommend this to anyone, let Rob unleash your bike to its full potential !

Jeff Peck
Sales Manager, Global Wholesale Sales | Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Just took the bike out for forty miles or so: WooooHooooo!! The roads are all sand and it’s dangerous as hell, but Holy Crap that thing is STRONG! It just pulls and pulls, from way down lowwww: truly amazing!! Thanks!

Rich Roberge

I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the work you did to my bike! I finally was able to put a few miles on my 2012 ROAD GLIDE. Wow great job! Thanks!

John Cornish

Hey Rob, Put about 250 miles on my ’06 Fatboy since your advanced tune. Dam, what a difference in crisp precise throttle response ! No matter what throttle position or load, when I whack the throttle, it’s instantaneous crisp pull ! I also did a mileage run and easy throttle back road riding I am getting about 53 mpg (vs. 42 mpg prior ) ! Very impressed ! Thanks for the tune and I’ll spread the word about the TRUE seat of the pants benefits of your advanced tune.  

Rich Kay


Hi Rob, I just want to say THANK YOU . My bike has never run  better . Having you tune it was the best money I have ever spent on a motorcycle. The difference is like night and day. Thank you once again .         

Art Buttlar

I had the Road Glide dyno tuned today. 2010, 96", Screaming Eagle A/C, V&H Pro pipe HO, Power commander PCV. I downloaded a MAP from the PCV website but they didn't have my exact set up. A local dealership had an open house today & an on site dyno services provided by Rob's Dyno
www.robsdyno.com . I went in there with 70HP & 84ftlbs & after Rob did his thing I left with a noticeable 76HP & 89 ft lbs. The bike runs Perfect! Very responsive, gets up & goes even at low rpms. Worth every Penny! Before you just download any map off a manufacturers site, think about having a map made for YOUR bike. Dyno tuning is the only real way you can do it right.
Just my .02 


Hey Rob,
Just wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my bike. It now pulls hard from 4000 instead of waiting till 7000 and even 9000. My friend and I played around on the way back and the 1000 now pulls away from his 1400. He cant wait to get money for a pc and have you do dyno work on his bike. I will be telling everyone I know about you. Just wanted again to say thanks and if you here of any more things I can do to my bike to make it faster please let me know. :-)

Steve Severance - BMW S1000RR

Thanks for straightening out my Victory today.  The low rpm stutter is ! GONE !  and the entire rpm range is smooth as silk.   You jacked up the fun-factor for my road trip to Sturgis.  I look forward to working with you again.   I've added a link to your site on our club's web site.   http://www.granitestatechapter.com/Links.aspx    
Thank you  

Dave Bean Allenstown NH

"Hey Rob! Just wanted to thank you again for tuning the bike. The ride home was an absolute joy, not to mention those low/mid powerband wheelies ! I'll be sure to post some of those screaming dyno runs video clips on my page. Be safe!"

Tony Medina

First I want to thank you for everything you did for me and my bike.
When I arrive I had some minor bike problems. You looked at the bike and call the Harley dealer and made me appointment for the next morning. When I was done at the dealer I went to tell you the bike was fixed. You invited me into your house for coffee. You were training a couple of guys this week. And the next thing I knew I was on the dyno for my tune (this is Tuesday 2 days early than my appointment) thank you.
Well you did a excellence job on tuning my stroked 2005 heritage softail. The bike ran flawless on the way home 620 miles later.

No decel popping it is right there when you want it nice and crisp.
Rob 1 question! How do you keep you shop so neat and clean? It is the cleanest shop I been in.

Wade Moore  |  PEI Canada


Just want to say, for the record, what a great job you did tuning my Ducati Monster. This was a bike that was reluctant to start, took a long time to warm up, and just never seemed to reach it's potential. 

After you initial analysis you told me that you could see what needed to be done and that when I got the bike back it would be better than it ever had been. 

Today when I picked the bike up I was more than impressed with the results of your hard work. The bike starts at the touch of the button, is able to be driven away immediately, and delivers power seamlessly. I could not be happier with the results and look forward to riding this bike many more miles than I have in the past.

Again thanks for your great service

Jack MacLellan

Rob, rode the bike the other day again and can't believe how good it runs. It's never and performed this was since leaving the dealer and I'm totally satisfied and sold on your work!!! Also love the pics of the bike on your site. I'll be seeing you soon to tune my 1098R Bayliss next.
Thank You

Tony Medina

Hello Rob, Mark from Seabrook, I came up a week ago and had my 2005 electric glide standard dynoed.  Just got back from trip to white mountains a few hours ago and wanted you to know how incredible the bike performed. I couldn't be happier with the smooth even power band and giddy up you breathed into it. The ride through the mountains was terrific, the bike pulled and reacted like it never had before. it was a pleasure to watch a man who not only is tops in his field but actually enjoys what he is doing. Thank you again Rob

Mark Finnegan


Thanks for your work tuning my Electra Glide. What a difference it makes! It now has a very smooth response to the throttle and a noticeable increase in power -- and you cured the back-firing problem.

It's like riding a brand new bike.
I am totally impressed.  Excellent work.

Dan Croteau

Rob, It was a pleasure meeting you and Rose on Sat. My bike runs so smooth. Nice power, removed some of the jerkiness to throttle response and vibration. Thank you so much. I hope you had a great weekend up there. The weather was great.

Thank you

Richard Cimon  2009 EGC

Hi Rob, Thanks again for the great tuning job on Saturday. The bike is so much smoother now, and pulls like a freight train everywhere in the rev range. Having my bike tuned by you is the best performance ?bang for the buck? I can think of! Thanks again.

Rich Western Mass

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