Your jetting work on both my and my teammate's (BJ worsham) bikes was fabulous. For me in particular, you cleaned up the throttle response between 6,500 and 7,500 rpm so much that my first session with the 'tweaked' bike saw me drop a full second off my season's best time. Just like that! We'd never really talked before i cam over with BJ's bike to watch you work, and i was very impressed with your thorough professionalism. What blew me away though was your willingness to talk and explain what you were doing as you did it. I'm now a fan. Many thanks...

Brendan Guy Expert #330 (Production Twins)



Hey Rob, I’m just writing in to thank you for the AMAZING Job you and Doug from Silverlite Performance did on my 2007 Ducati Monster S4R/T. From the day I purchased my bike off the showroom floor, It never ran up to my expectations – The bike would stall in traffic and run very hot. I did the typical mods to enhance performance (pipes and airbox) however I ended up putting the bike in a condition where it wouldn’t even idle! With the combined knowledge of tuning & programming , you guys took the bike, matched the injectors, reprogrammed the ENTIRE Marelli ECU for optimum performance, which  unleashed 130 fire breathing v-twin horses. The throttle response is like nothing I have never felt!  Thanks to you guys, the bike runs perfect now.  You guys rule!

Dean Cascione



Hey Rob,  Just wanted to let you know there is no more stalling on my Ducati 749 that you worked on Saturday.  It runs awesome.  You are a genius.  My bike stalling was really pissin' me off.  I am so glad I brought my bike to you. Thanks! P.S can't wait to get a new exhaust on the bike

John Wolak 



Good morning Rob, I wanted to “Thank You Very Much” for the Awesome job you did on BOTH of my Vulcan motorcycles!! The time, talent and attention you put into both motorcycles in creating a custom map for each is extremely evident every time I turn the key and hit the throttle!   It’s been a week or so and the “Significant Performance Improvement” is absolutely incredible!! The Vulcan Nomad 1600 – Responds nicely on command and a Big Improvement when I crack the throttle. The smoothness and overall ride has greatly improved as well! No more laziness or hesitation when I go to pass!  The Vulcan Mean Streak 1500 – 110% Performance! If I thought the performance of the Mean Streak was excellent with the “canned map” then “Superb” is the description I have for it now!! Extremely Responsive and Very Smooth in every aspect. All around “Top Notch” Ride with One word = “Lightening!” Mike Staback, having worked on my bikes, recommended you and told me, from his experience of you working on his race bikes, that if anyone could “Get more performance out of a bike” then Rob can! He was right and a Awesome job you did on both!! Thanks so much Rob!!

David Rossi - Chicopee, MA 



Hi Rob,Just wanted to thank you for fixing my bike...the 2001 Roadking classic (teal and white). I was running out of hope! lol  Thanks for getting it back to me so fast too...It runs perfect now.  You have no idea how happy I am now!

Mary Taylor



I just wanted to say thanks again Rob for tuning in my 03 Road King. It's a joy to ride, it's like getting a new bike. I road this bike for two years, not knowing how bad it was running and with all kinds of performance work done to the engine. Now the bike runs real smooth & with no ping all the way up the rpm range. Nice work Rob!

Tom Malone 



Hi Rob I just wanted to shot you off an e-mail to say thanks! The bike is much better. Idle is constant, the surging is gone and I can run much better at a lower RPM. . Bike also accelerates and sounds much smoother. The biggest gain is in fuel economy. I have 175 miles on my tripometer and still have 3/8 of a tank! I was previously looking for a gas station around 170 miles. It was worth waiting the three to four hours on Saturday. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and use your services again in the future. Thanks again.

Don Cook Director of Engineering & QA 



Hey Rob  I got to take my bike for a rip before the rain Mon eve. MAN!! WTFrig that bike never ran that smooth even when the bike had 50mi on it!Scary Fast!!! Enough for me. Love it!! I will pass around the Great Find and Professional attitude.. I'm sure you have enough work but better feast than famine! I also have some friends on this big Web Site BON (biker or not) not sure if you've heard of it it's HUGE! And I think you can advertise on it too? Thanks again Rob..Be Well.




Rob - everything is great, the bike sounds and runs so much better. See you soon with the other 2.

Kip Miller 



Hi Rob, I want to say thank you for the great job you have done on my King. Finally, someone got it right, and that someone is you my friend.I went out for a good ride yesterday afternoon, and took the wife out today. Before, with her on the bike, it seemed to be lugging all the time. Now, the bike rides with comfort, and the tourqe is great. Now my wife says she worries about me because of the new power I have.Again, thank you.

Roger Andrews 



Thanks again Rob!  My bike ran great on the way home. Alot smoother through the whole range and more responsive. Thanks for the route home too. Rte. 32 was beautiful! Until next time, take care. Thanks,

Jon Toigo



Hey Rob, I wanted to thank you again for helping me out with my bike last Saturday. It was very nice of you to do it while I waited. It saved me a trip back and my wife and I had a good time seeing the sights in Keene. We had a great day. The bike is running good,I am very happy! Thanks again

Michael Catuto



Hi Rob I just wanted to thank you for the extra work you put into tuning my Dyna Fat Bob at the race track a couple weeks ago. You went above and beyond, especially since you were closing down for the day, and solved a problem at the last minute which made the biggest difference to me since I was heading back to Michigan the next morning. What a relief for me that it was solved, and I didn't have to try and deal with it on my own later.I appreciate very much all the tuning work you did. This bike runs amazing now....just so fast and smooth. This bike already handles outstandingly, and you helped match the performance to that with the engine rebuild. I'm really enjoying this bike, and have been riding it nearly every day since.Thanks!

Michael Kitchen, Michigan



Rob, Once again I would like to thank you for the masterful job you did dialing in my bike with the S&S mufflers. I was totally blown away by the 122hp and 113 ft lbs of torque you were able to squeeze out of that engine; it only goes to show that you are a master at your craft. Just a little aside, I sent an email to R&R thanking them for their quality engines work and told them about the S&S mufflers. I went to Stone’s at noontime to show Steve the results of your tuning, while I was there Reggie called to ask Steve if he had done any other work to the engine, which the answer was “no we just assembled it”. Reggie asked Steve to order the same set of mufflers so that R&R can do some testing with their engines. Best Regards, 

Paul Becquart



Rob,Thanks so much for the awesome job you did tuning my Yamaha FZ1!! I was able to notice the difference right away. I had a smile on my face ever since!! You do great work, and would recommend you to all of my sport bike riding friends. Thanks so much!

Mark J. Soucie



Hi Rob, yes the ride home was a blast. The bike performs awesome. Just touch the throttle in any gear at any rpm and it insantly moves forward. you have done an awesome job tuning it. I am very satisfied and I will pass the word about your work. Thanks so much. SPEED SAFELY Dan Vancecheck out my new web site.

Dan Vance 



Thanks for the great tunning job you did on my 2006 Fatboy today. The bike runs much smoother and the popping on decel is GONE. It was like riding a different bike home. Thanks Again

Walter Haslett



Thanks again, the bike is SUPER smooth now compaired to before! Thanks!!

John Murray



Hey Rob, just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my bike. It's awesome,.. and I couldn't be happier with the way it's running. Was out on Sunday all day, started with a full tank of gas, have been in excess of 170 miles and not on reserve yet, so my mileage has not been affected at all. Wife with me all day, expect mileage to be in excess of 40mpg. It sounds better, feels better and is fun to ride again! No pinging so far, even rolling on the throttle at 2300 rpm. couldn't do that before! Throttle response and acceleration is incredible. Thanks so much for your dialing it in, it was worth every penny! My friends are getting sick of hearing about it!

Jim Teates Greenfield, NH



Hey Rob, Thanks for the custom map today. Bike feels  just right now. Since I got the new cams in there, I have found it's hard not to twist the throttle. The sound, the power and the feel made the bike seem as though THAT was what it was made to do. That is, until you worked your magic today. All the work that is new to this bike was brought together with this new map. Like the pieces were all there but now they are all put together. The ride is SHARP now. CRISP. CLEAN. Thanks for your time.I'm an electronic tech by trade and the stuff I saw you doing was a great lesson. Very interesting to see how all this stuff works. As I told you, I'm not interested in peak HP and torque, just a machine that works as it's designed to. You showed that peak performance is exactly what you get from a well tuned machine.So again, thanks for you time and if you would, please send me the map and any other attachments that I might be able to check out. I've got the PC usb software on my computer and if that will allow me to read the runs you made, please send those too. My son has a PC usb on his Suzuki VS650 but still playing with pipes. I think he'll want to check out a custom map for his bike when he sees what it did for mine. I'll be spreading the word about Rob's Dyno.ThanksBob Davis 

Dear Rob, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent training we received from you when I was service manger at Gengras Harley-Davidson/Buell. The Direct link tuning products you introduced to us helped tremendously. We where having problems figuring out ways to make our Buells perform the way we knew they were capable of. Our techs enjoyed the training and quickly became familiar with the product. Thank you for being so professional and I look forward to working with you at my new endeavor at Speed Demon Cycles. Keep up the good work!!!

Rob Ruggiero 


Rob! Thank you! Today was great, beyond my wildest expectations. It’s nice to know that I had it “almost” there, but I now know that it’s going to be way better to get it “just right”. I will send everyone I know who’s in need of bike tuning to you. There’s not much out here in the western part of the state, but you’re just not that far away. Hmmm, maybe I can get some gigs ferrying bikes down to you…..

Hopefully see you in a week or so at the track!

Rob, I've got to tell you that without your ability to provide the smoothest, most powerfulmotor that I have ever ridden, I could not have achieved the success that I did this year. Your ability to tailor the motorcycle to fit my needs and riding style was nothing short of incredible. Your hands on approach, as well as your personal interest in my needs, gave me the confidence to ride hard, and win ! . All the modifications in the world can not make up for a quality tuner like You. I can not say enough about Robs' Dyno. If you are a racer and you have not used Robs' you are giving up an advantage, a big one to your competition. Before you spend another dime on bolt on performance pieces, see Rob, you will not be disappointed. Take a look at the caliber of riders who use Robs' Dyno, impressive stuff. Thanks Rob! See You in Victory Lane.

Mike McDermott  #737



Hey Rob the bike is running great. feel a big difference in throttle response. also noticed an increase in fuel mileage. I have been on the dyno machine with two other locations, and have yet to accomplish what you have in half the time. just want to say thanks.




Hi Rob, sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I haven't had a chance to put any miles on my bike until this week. Let me first say WOW! What a difference from the bike I was riding just a few weeks ago. The first thing I noticed right away was the increased throttle response, the bike is crisp right from the start through all the gears. I took it out on the highway and let me tell you, It was a pleasure to ride. I'm totally happy with the results of the dyno, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the increased performance I get with the addition of the Jet Scream Plus. Again Rob it was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again.

Michael Dillon 



Just a note of appreciation for the fine mechanic work and engine analysis we have seen from your operation.  We were extremely pleased with the outcome of the work you performed in assisting us setting up cam lobe timing angles for both the Polaris Victory engines and the new Polaris Freedom engines.As you and I both know, measuring cam lobe timing angles on these engines can be very difficult because they have "finger" type followers and hydraulic lifters.  This makes the actual measurements using an engine a lot harder than in a pushrod type engine."Getting it right" requires a thorough technical understanding of the basic ideas and good shop practice which I am happy to say, Rob's Dyno Service has demonstrated for us in the past.We will not hesitate to request more such work in future when the need arrises. Thanks again.

John Andrews - President, Andrews Products 



To Whom It May Concern,As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Direct-Link and VDSTS it is imperitive to have product testing done by competent and knowledgeable people. Robert Swartz of Rob's Dyno Service has accomplished that and more.  He has been invaluable in providing imperative feedback and hands on expertise.  He has represented our company in a professional and knowledgeable manner always going the extra distance.  His input and knowledge of the industry has helped to make our products the successes they are.

TechnoResearch, Inc. 



Rob and his mobile dyno are an essential resource for Road Rider and Racers if you want to get the best performance of your bike or your high performance accessories. Even small changes, like adding a new high performance exhaust typically requires re-tuning of the engine to result in the performance enhancements the OEMs claim. I have seen many riders that just bolt on their high power exhausts without realizing any positive performance change and quite often experience performance ‘holes’ due to the missing tuning. Why spend $800 dollars for your exhaust or other accessories if all you get is sound or a nice look? For all racers it is an absolute must to get their bikes tuned to get the best performing engine and maximum power out of all their performance enhancements. Race fuel, Power Commanders, Performance chips, Head work and many more require retuning if you don’t want a marginal performing engine and/or engine reliability problems from to lean running motors. In my case, Rob found 3 HP just by fine-tuning the engine to an open-air box and race fuel. Someone has to spend major $$$ in accessories to add 3 HP. One or two hours of dyno time will do a lot of good. This certainly convinced me that re-tuning the engine after each engine modification is a necessity. The fuel/air ratio, after adding a Power Commander is now as smooth as a baby butt and my Ducati 800 Supersport feels that way on the racetrack.

I have never had such a smooth running race bike all around the track. Rob has done a fantastic job on my bike and continues to drive further advancement in the tuning arena. It’s nice to work with someone with so much enthusiasm about his work and a continuous willingness to learn and try new things. I can only highly recommend Rob.

Jurgen Frasch LRRS #150 



Rob has helped me out quite a bit already this season. I had my 2000 748 on his dyno for the first time before racing started just to get a baseline. I had no idea of what horsepower I had or torque or how it was running. What Rob showed me from his graphs actually helped explain what I thought was pilot error as an issue with the fuel / air flow to the engine. I essentially was losing power at about 6K - 8K Rpm range. Many of the corners at Loudon require this mid range so it explained why my engine lugged out of some of the slower corners. Since then Rob has done everything to help get my bike tuned up. Rob really wants the bikes to perform well and is willing to do anything and spend any amount of time getting them there. He truly wants people to succeed. It has been great to work with him so far and am very glad he is a primary sponsor.

Kevin Frost #471 



I was almost in Connecticut before I wiped the smile off my face and shut down for a minute. I figured you'd have headed out before I got a chance to swing back. Excellent job, sir. You definitely smoothed her out and gave her some more "Oomph!" And while it sounded like you didn't "mean to", you improved the fuel economy. I had been getting between 30 and 33 MPG. From the ride I just took, I got around 43-44 MPG.Thanks again and I'll definitely tell anyone I run into, head out your way for excellent tuning. Cheers

Paddy Harrington 



I love it. Never knew 6th gear could be so smooth and have such a huge response.

Be careful in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th..” he wasn’t kidding I guess haha .. Made it home from Worcester, ma to Holyoke, ma 25 min haha.. you the man.. see ya soon. 

Dave 03 gsxr 1000 



Rob..haven't had a chance to tell you how well the bike runs and performs. but it really made a huge difference in the whole bikes personality...much smoother, steady power on the highway that it never had and as you had said the precise throttle control is probably the thing I noticed the most.  Awesome job on it.  While it's not in everyone's price range, the weekend warrior types would love it especially if they've already laid out 15 or 20 K to begin with...I have mentioned it to several of my friends who ride and the thought occurred to me.




Having Rob dyno tune my bike helped out alot.  I ride freestyle motocross and need instant throttle response to hit a ramp right out of a tight corner.  Before the tuning the bike was sputtery and boggy because of the open air box.  After the dyno the bike was very responsive and pulled hard throughout the powerband.  It's snappy down low and even revs out farther.  I have no problem getting up to speed quickly now.  Rob did an amazing job and I don't think the bike could possibly run any better.  This was the fourth bike I had Rob tune and I will definately have my ones done by him as well.Zip 

Brody Wilson