Hi Rob
I want to thank you again for unchaining the animal that lives in my motor. What a difference in the response,nice and smooth. Only been on two rides since I was at your place. Yesterday checked my mpg, I got 46. It was only that one fill up,it could very a little bit from one fill up to the next. I know I have to get you the bike and get it tuned up. Jeff was talking to a guy about your services (had a XC)gave him a card that you gave me. Talked to a friend that also has a hammer, he is interested in possibly doing something to his bike . Again thanks, keep up the good work
  Rob 05 Hammer  
  The Evolution of my Vision !

I have had my Vision since 2010 and have had many modifications done to it to try and improve upon it’ performance. I had taken it to a mater tuner to have the Power Commander tuned as well as try to alleviate the very rich conditions I had- always lots of build- up on the exhaust as well as wanted to improve the overall performance. The tuner spent time with the bike and put in their base maps and tweaked it. The bike never really performance up to its potential, the exhaust smoke was still there and it just was not smooth.

I reached out to Rob to see what magic he could and boy was I ever impressed ! His new availability to adjust performance directly at the ECM level removes the need for a fuel controller, all the tuning is done right to the control module, no need to manipulate ! The difference in performance is amazing, the exhaust issues are gone, the bike now is pulling off the line instantly, no lag between throttle And response and pull strong all the way to shift. I ride fast, but not hard. I never shift above 4K RPM, so I want all my power in the range that I ride and Rob was able to do that.

I recommend this to anyone, let Rob unleash your bike to its full potential !
  Jeff Peck
Sales Manager, Global Wholesale Sales | Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Just took the bike out for forty miles or so: WooooHooooo!! The roads are all sand and it’s dangerous as hell, but Holy Crap that thing is STRONG! It just pulls and pulls, from way down lowwww: truly amazing!! Thanks!

  Rich Roberge  
  I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the work you did to my bike! I finally was able to put a few miles on my 2012 ROAD GLIDE. Wow great job! Thanks!  
  John Cornish  
  Hey Rob, Put about 250 miles on my ’06 Fatboy since your advanced tune. Dam, what a difference in crisp precise throttle response ! No matter what throttle position or load, when I whack the throttle, it’s instantaneous crisp pull ! I also did a mileage run and easy throttle back road riding I am getting about 53 mpg (vs. 42 mpg prior ) ! Very impressed ! Thanks for the tune and I’ll spread the word about the TRUE seat of the pants benefits of your advanced tune.    
  Rich Kay  
Hi Rob, I just want to say THANK YOU . My bike has never run  better . Having you tune it was the best money I have ever spent on a motorcycle. The difference is like night and day. Thank you once again .         

Art Buttlar

I had the Road Glide dyno tuned today. 2010, 96", Screaming Eagle A/C, V&H Pro pipe HO, Power commander PCV. I downloaded a MAP from the PCV website but they didn't have my exact set up. A local dealership had an open house today & an on site dyno services provided by Rob's Dyno
www.robsdyno.com . I went in there with 70HP & 84ftlbs & after Rob did his thing I left with a noticeable 76HP & 89 ftlbs. The bike runs Perfect! Very responsive, gets up & goes even at low rpms. Worth every Penny! Before you just download any map off a manufacturers site, think about having a map made for YOUR bike. Dyno tuning is the only real way you can do it right.
Just my .02 



Hey Rob,
Just wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my bike. It now pulls hard from 4000 instead of waiting till 7000 and even 9000. My friend and I played around on the way back and the 1000 now pulls away from his 1400. He cant wait to get money for a pc and have you do dyno work on his bike. I will be telling everyone I know about you. Just wanted again to say thanks and if you here of any more things I can do to my bike to make it faster please let me know. :-)

Steve Severance - BMW S1000RR

Thanks for straightening out my Victory today.  The low rpm stutter is ! GONE !  and the entire rpm range is smooth as silk.   You jacked up the fun-factor for my road trip to Sturgis.     I look forward to working with you again.   I've added a link to your site on our club's web site.   http://www.granitestatechapter.com/Links.aspx    
Thank you  
Dave Bean Allenstown NH
"Hey Rob! Just wanted to thank you again for tuning the bike. The ride home was an absolute joy, not to mention those low/mid powerband wheelies ! I'll be sure to post some of those screaming dyno runs video clips on my page. Be safe!"
Tony Medina
First I want to thank you for everything you did for me and my bike.
When I arrive I had some minor bike problems. You looked at the bike and call the Harley dealer and made me appointment for the next morning. When I was done at the dealer I went to tell you the bike was fixed. You invited me into your house for coffee. You were training a couple of guys this week. And the next thing I knew I was on the dyno for my tune(this is Tuesday 2 days early than my appointment) thank you.
Well you did a excellence job on tuning my stroked 2005 heritage softail. The bike ran flawless on the way home 620 miles later.
No decel popping it is right there when you want it nice and crisp.
Rob 1 question! How do you keep you shop so neat and clean? It is the cleanest shop I been in.
Wade Moore  |  PEI Canada


Just want to say, for the record, what a great job you did tuning my Ducati Monster. This was a bike that was reluctant to start, took a long time to warm up, and just never seemed to reach it's potential. 

After you initial analysis you told me that you could see what needed to be done and that when I got the bike back it would be better than it ever had been. 

Today when I picked the bike up I was more than impressed with the results of your hard work. The bike starts at the touch of the button, is able to be driven away immediately, and delivers power seamlessly. I could not be happier with the results and look forward to riding this bike many more miles than I have in the past.

Again thanks for your great service

Jack MacLellan

Rob, rode the bike the other day again and can't believe how good it runs. It's never and performed this was since leaving the dealer and I'm totally satisfied and sold on your work!!! Also love the pics of the bike on your site. I'll be seeing you soon to tune my 1098R Bayliss next.
Thank You

Tony Medina
Hello Rob, Mark from Seabrook, I came up a week ago and had my 2005 electric glide standard dynoed.  Just got back from trip to white mountains a few hours ago and wanted you to know how incredible the bike performed. I couldn't be happier with the smooth even power band and giddy up you breathed into it. The ride through the mountains was terrific, the bike pulled and reacted like it never had before. it was a pleasure to watch a man who not only is tops in his field but actually enjoys what he is doing. Thank you again Rob
Mark Finnegan


Thanks for your work tuning my Electra Glide. What a difference it makes! It now has a very smooth response to the throttle and a noticeable increase in power -- and you cured the back-firing problem.

It's like riding a brand new bike.
I am totally impressed.  Excellent work.

Dan Croteau

Rob, It was a pleasure meeting you and Rose on Sat. My bike runs so smooth. Nice power, removed some of the jerkiness to throttle response and vibration. Thank you so much. I hope you had a great weekend up there. The weather was great.

Thank you
Richard Cimon  2009 EGC
Hi Rob, Thanks again for the great tuning job on Saturday. The bike is so much smoother now, and pulls like a freight train everywhere in the rev range. Having my bike tuned by you is the best performance ?bang for the buck? I can think of! Thanks again.
Rich Western Mass
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