corporate testing

american iron magazine

We at American Iron Magazine have long been impressed with the work you do and 
thank you for working with us on various motorcycle projects.
Buzz Kanter | Editor In Chief

andrews high performance cams & gears 

Just a note of appreciation for the fine mechanic work and engine analysis we have seen from your operation. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of the work you performed in assisting us setting up cam lobe timing angles for both the Polaris Victory engines and the new Polaris Freedom engines. As you and I both know, measuring cam lobe timing angles on these engines can be very difficult because they have "finger" type followers and hydraulic lifters. This makes the actual measurements using an engine a lot harder than in a pushrod type engine.

"Getting it right" requires a thorough technical understanding of the basic ideas and good shop practice which I am happy to say, Rob's Dyno Service has demonstrated for us in the past. We will not hesitate to request more such work in future when the need arises. Thanks again.
John Andrews | President, Andrews Products

technosearch, inc. 

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Direct-Link and VDSTS it is imperative to have product testing done by competent and knowledgeable people. Robert Swartz of Rob's Dyno Service has accomplished that and more. He has been invaluable in providing imperative feedback and hands on expertise. He has represented our company in a professional and knowledgeable manner always going the extra distance. His input and knowledge of the industry has helped to make our products the successes they are.
TechnoResearch, Inc.